The Importance of Pre-use Checks When Using Forklifts

If you work with forklift trucks in your line of work, its important that a pre-use check is conducted before use. A pre-use check on a forklift truck involves a short inspection whereby components on the forklift truck such as the Hydraulics, Wheels & Steering are checked to make sure they are in safe working order. This can be made note of on a document where boxes can be ticked to show that each area has been checked and has passed that check. Although the pre-use check is the operator responsibility, it is important that employers encourage regular pre-use checks on forklifts to promote a safe working environment.

The check itself is a legal requirement and falls under the PUWER 1998 regulations. Should the forklift truck fail its pre-use check for any reason,  there should always be procedures in place where the check can be reported to. A senior of member of staff can then rectify any potential problem, ensuring the truck is safe to use. During the period of time when the truck is being repaired, it should not be used at any point.


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