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What are the Directors Roles for Health & Safety? »

Health & Safety in the workplace stretches further than just employees, it covers the very top to the bottom of any work environment and with good reason. As a Director, you are ultimately responsible for your companies Health & Safety and essentially, the buck stops with you. The introduction of the corporate manslaughter act in […]

Do my staff need Abrasive Wheels Training? »

There is no substitute for thorough practical training in all aspects of the mounting and use of abrasive wheels. All training programmes should cover at least the following: Hazards that can arise through the use of abrasive wheels, methods of marking abrasive wheels with their type, size and maximum operating speed, how to store, handle […]

What Should My Forklift Training Include? »

Forklift training should always include 3 stages, these are: Basic Forklift Training – This should include the basic skills and knowledge required to operate a forklift truck Specific Job Training -Knowledge and understanding of the principles of operating a forklift truck safely in the workplace Familirisation Training – Applying what has already been learnt at […]

The Importance of Emergency First Aid at Work »

At any given point, people at work can be taken ill or injure themselves. It is important that immediate attention is given if one of these situations arises, this is the role of the first-aider. The minimum legal provisions for all workplaces are that they have a suitably stocked first aid box, an appointed person […]

Working Safely at Height »

Falls from height are on of the major causes of UK deaths on construction sites, contributing to a quarter of total deaths on construction sites. Not only this but they also contribute to over 35 thousand injuries in the workplace a year. Its fair to say that there is room for improvement when it comes […]

The Role of The Site Supervisor »

The Site Supervisor has many responsibilities, the main responsibility is to ensure that all workers are kept safe and the general public are kept safe. Organisations will decide their own approach to supervising but main qualities of a Supervisor should include making sure they are trained and competent in carrying out their role, making sure […]

Should I Be Fit-Testing My Employees? »

Should I Be Fit-Testing My Employees? The simple answer is yes. Where any respiratory protective equipment is used, it must be able to provide protection for its wearer. Incorrectly fitted or sized masks can result in the mask leaking and causing harm to the wearer, rendering the Face Mask ineffective. Fit Testing is a painless […]

The Importance Of Managing Safely on Site »

Managing Health & Safety on Site is of paramount importance. It is the managers responsibility to ensure that all workers on-site are working in a safe manner that doesn’t endanger themselves and the general public. The Management of Health & Safety at work regulations stipulate that Managers should ensure the following are given to employees: […]

Site Supervisors: Your Responsibilities »

Being a Site Supervisor is a pivotal role within the construction industry. The Site Supervisors main responsibilities are to assess and manage any potential risks that occur on a site. Construction workers need to be kept aware of hazards at all times, even when the supervisor is not around. 1. On Site As a site […]

The Importance of Pre-use Checks When Using Forklifts »

If you work with forklift trucks in your line of work, its important that a pre-use check is conducted before use. A pre-use check on a forklift truck involves a short inspection whereby components on the forklift truck such as the Hydraulics, Wheels & Steering are checked to make sure they are in safe working […]