What are the Directors Roles for Health & Safety?

Health & Safety in the workplace stretches further than just employees, it covers the very top to the bottom of any work environment and with good reason.

As a Director, you are ultimately responsible for your companies Health & Safety and essentially, the buck stops with you. The introduction of the corporate manslaughter act in 2007 means that failure to meet your responsibilities when it comes to health and safety as a director, could now result in imprisonment. As Director, safety falls within your remit, and the law will enforce punishment should this duty be neglected.

So what are my responsibilities you might ask?

  • Firstly, you should ensure that you have someone in the building that is competently Health & Safety Trained and able to offer guidance and advice in depth, on a wide range of topics. Alternatively, you can acquire assistance externally, as long as that person is competent.
  • Promoting a health & safety culture. How can you do this? Simple, from ensuring fire alarms are regularly tested, to making sure staff receive adequate health & safety training, little things can help you to improve the culture of your business.
  • Implementing Risk Assessments specific to your business. If you work in a engineering environment, then you would like need risk assessments for pieces of equipment to ensure that potential risks are identified early and minimized.

Your responsibilities are not just limited to these 3 points, there are many other points a director must address. If you as a director are interested in a training course focused on the roles and responsibilities of a Director when it comes to Health & Safety then we’d recommend looking no further than the Directors Role for Health & Safety Training Course.

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